Fontsanta – the only thermal waters in the Balearic Islands

Fontsanta – the only thermal waters in the Balearic Islands

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Fontsanta – the only thermal waters in the Balearic Islands

If there’s one place you need to know about when looking for a wellness destination in Spain, that place is ‘Fontsanta Hotel Thermal Spa & Wellness’.


 Our exclusive 5-star hotel is located in the southeast of the island of Mallorca. It has a privileged location in the middle of a Natural Park, next to the naturist Beach of Es Trenc. This unique location adds to the natural charm of this oasis of wellbeing.


 But if there’s one feature that stands out at Fontsanta that would be its thermal waters. We are lucky enough to have the only thermal waters with subterranean origin on the Balearic Islands. The waters at Fontsanta emerge from the underground and they rise in shallow aquifers, where they acquire mineral elements. This process is almost impossible to reproduce artificially. This is the reason why the waters present a high level of minerals at 25,34 g/l, the predominant elements being chlorine and sodium in the form of salts. Other elements are present in smaller concentrations including magnesium, calcium, sulphur, fluorine, potassium etc. Thanks to its mineral content our thermal waters have been declared for public use all the way back in 1869, being part of Mallorca’s history.


 The legend about these waters is that the spring waters were discovered and first utilized during the Ancient Roman Era. The Romans discovered the beneficial qualities of the water and over the centuries other notorious figures throughout history have also discovered the healing powers of these springs, such as Archduke Luís Salvador.


 One of the things about the mineral contained in the thermal waters is that they have a series of positive effects on the body, such as skin improvement and blood and lymphatic circulation improvement.


 Our facilities include a bathing area, sauna and steam, a tonification area, quiet room, water beds, exterior area and gym, offering a complete experience for hotel guests and visitors who are looking to spend a relaxing day in a unique setting.


 No question asked, Fontsanta’s thermal waters are an outstanding feature when it comes down to choosing an idyllic spot to spend your holidays. Its breath-taking location makes it the perfect place to take a break from your daily buzz and connect with yourself and the beauty surrounding you. At our hotel we offer daily yoga lessons and also à la carte mindfulness programms, in addition to a wide range of treatments to complement the spectacular thermal waters, as our detox :” Salinas of Es Trenc”: Flor de Sal of Es Trenc body scrub, seaweed wrap and relaxing massage or the “anti-aging Body treatment “ with Pineapple and Papaya exfoliation, wrapping and hydration. Two other body scrubs you will be able to enjoy are ‘Gardens of Fontsanta’ – a relaxing body scrub massage with lavender and rosewood body balm and the ‘Mediterranean Citruses’ – which decreases toxins and improves collagen formation. There are many other relaxing treatments and rituals to choose from when visiting Fontsanta. You can have a look at our treatment menu right here: Thermal Treatments


Last, but not least, Majorcan cuisine plays a fundamental role in the Fontsanta experience. Always supporting responsible production and consumption, our kitchen uses km 0 products, Balearic products, thanks to a wide network of local suppliers.


 We cannot wait to welcome you at our beautiful retreat in Mallorca’s Southeast, where you will be able to get the well-deserved rest you need surrounded by the most authentic Majorcan nature.