Our principles: what defines us

In Torre de Canyamel, we are defined by our own principles and theses principles have come out of our respect for our land, for our culture, for our tradition. Torre de Canyamel is a family business whose activities are developed in different areas, from farming and cattle raising to the most exclusive hotel services, as well as promoting cultural events.

Our history: what distinguishes us

Our heritage is just the result of our history and efforts and our way to dignify it is by working respectfully and devotedly. Lands, trees, crops, cattle, stone, traditions... They all make us feel the urge to take care and protect our real and true essence, and we take pride in being able to devote our time and effort to such values.

Agriculture and sustainability.

In Torre de Canyamel we are deeply connected to our land and its profits. They have always been a fundamental part of our heritage and we seriously take care of them.

This is our story.

We owe our present to our past. And tomorrow will be the result of our commitment to our principles. Our future is based on the respect for our background and history, and all this can be seen in the following fundamental milestones: