Fontsanta & its sustainable development goals

Fontsanta & its sustainable development goals


Without a doubt, one of the things that we see more clearly day after day is that taking care of the planet is everyone's job. At the Torre de Canyamel Group the concept of ‘sustainability’ plays a fundamental role. We are aware that if we all do our part, sustainable development is possible. Our commitment in each of our hotels and restaurants is to offer a high quality service while respecting our environment, promoting a sustainable lifestyle and taking care of the natural resources of our island.


Fontsanta Thermal Spa & Wellness is a five-star hotel located in the southeast of the island, where you can enjoy the only natural hot springs in the Balearic Islands in an idyllic setting, as we are surrounded by the protected natural area of ​​Es Trenc beach and Es Salobrar de Campos. We are thankful for this authentic gem of nature we’ve got and this has made us commit ourselves in a concrete way towards a much more sustainable development and tourism.


We have developed an action plan to contribute our bit in this joint task, which is to raise awareness and work together towards a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle.


One of Fontsanta's objectives is to help prevent soil degradation and contamination and respect the water resources in our environment.


To achieve this we have installed a purifying plant, approved according to EEC regulations and installed according to an exhaustive environmental impact study, which allows us to clean the used water, before pouring it back, infiltrating it into the subsoil, with guarantees not to affect the natural environment in which we find ourselves.


Another of our commitments is to guarantee access to affordable, safe, sustainable and modern energy. This objective has led us to reduce polluting energy and take advantage of sustainable energy by using thermal water to heat the floor heating of one of the main buildings, as well as the changing rooms and the rest room of the spa. On the other hand, the bathtubs and the water and hydromassage circuit in the spa route are differentiating elements of an efficient and sustainable energy. The solar panels that we have in Fontsanta produce enough energy to preheat the water and thus reduce gas consumption. We also collect rainwater to use it for irrigation and we have chargers for electric cars.


We cannot fail to emphasize responsible production and consumption. Without going any further, our kitchen uses 0 km products, Balearic products, with a wide network of local suppliers. On the other hand, our amenities are made with 100% recycled and recyclable plastic and the products we use for the wide variety of treatments we offer are 100% ecological.


Another main branch of our sustainable development program is the role we play in promoting the sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, the management of forest areas and the fight against desertification. Our hotel and spa contributes with good practices to the conservation of El Salobrar de Campos, which obtained the mention of Natural Area of ​​Special Interest (ANEI) thanks to its dynamic ecosystem, perfectly preserved. Considered a paradise for birds, it is the resting and nesting place of species such as the flamingo, the osprey or the marsh harrier. Along with its habitat, there is also a curious system formed by dune strips, with vegetation adapted to the salinity of these lands.


As part of our commitment, we also seek to end all forms of discrimination against women and girls, pursuing a common goal of gender equality. The Fontsanta team, from its opening until today, has been led by a woman and since its inception the inclusion of women in management positions has been promoted. More than half of the workforce is made up of women.


 In Torre de Canyamel, it is important for us that you can learn about our commitment through concrete actions and short, medium and long-term objectives on which we are working year after year. And remember that a sustainable lifestyle is possible if we all contribute to achieve it.