‘Sa Pleta’ by Marc Fosh sa-pleta-by-marc-fosh

‘Sa Pleta’ by Marc Fosh

Mediterranean roots and inspiring cuisine

There are many things that we’ve learned from experiencing such a life-changing thing as a pandemic. At Torre de Canyamel we’ve always valued the trust of our guests and during these past two years we’ve been amazed by how we’ve been able to create a feeling of family, a feeling of togetherness through difficult times.


The past two years have been revealing and transforming in many ways. We’ve worked on improving every aspect of our services and found new ways to pamper you like never before.


One of the projects we developed and established was ‘Sa Pleta’ by Marc Fosh. As you already know, we have the pleasure to be able to count on Marc Fosh and his fabulous restaurant ‘Marc Fosh’ at our hotel ‘Convent de la Missió’, located in Palma’s Old Town. There, this creative and talented chef, has been awarded with a Michelin star and has been surprising hotel guests and external visitors with one-of-a kind cuisine.


When we decided to add a new gastronomic concept to our five-star retreat ‘Pleta de Mar’ we were ready to go into a mouth-dropping direction. Marc Fosh was able to put into words (or should we say into dishes?) everything we expected this new restaurant to be and more.


Nowadays, Sa Pleta by Marc Fosh combines modern techniques and the best local produce we can source from across the Balearic Islands with the oldest and most primitive method of open-fire cooking inspired by the unique flavours that only smoke and flame can impart to local meat, fish and seasonal vegetables.


This exceptional dining experience delivers the spirit of the Mediterranean through live fire cooking and earth-conscious offerings inspired by nature, just like the overall experience at Sa Pleta. There is nothing we enjoy more than seeing our guests from the four hotels that are a part of the ‘Torre de Canyamel’ family visiting this inspiring restaurant and leaving feeling completely overwhelmed with joy.


2021 has most definitely been the year of Sa Pleta’s road to success, as we’ve been able to share our unique vision of what high-end cuisine should look like with all of you on a regular basis. Going back to basics, going back to our roots and doing that by respecting our environment and culture. That’s what ‘Sa Pleta’ is all about.


As our fantastic chef, Marc Fosh, says: ‘In the kitchen, modern trends these days aren’t so much about inventing new techniques and styles, but going back to our roots and traditions and cooking with our most basic element, fire!’