Andreu Maimó - Torre de Canyamel

Andreu Maimó - Torre de Canyamel


Andreu Maimó at Torre de Canyamel


Art, music, culture and gastronomy are equally important aspects of our philosophy at Torre de Canyamel. Not only do we enhance these aspects at our 5-star hotels all over the island, but we also use our unique venue, the beautiful Torre de Canyamel to welcome artists to showcase their work in different formats.


As you know, it has long been a tradition to host exciting art exhibitions every year at Torre de Canyamel and this year is no exception. We are thrilled to announce that you can now visit the exhibition by talented Andreu Maimó, the Majorcan artist born in Felanitx.


One of the things that makes his work unique is his ability in a great variety of techniques: painting, engraving, lithography, xylography, ceramics, sculpture… you name it! And not only does he amaze us through different techniques and statement pieces, but also with an infinite capacity to look into concepts, things, feelings in such a deep way to invite everyone on to a never-ending journey of inspiration.


Through a symbiosis with nature he opens an intense dialogue in each series, becoming one of Mallorca’s most sought-after artists of our times.


Andreu Maimó: the clarity of his gaze makes poetry out of all things. On canvas, in ceramic, in sculpture, in graphic art – truly worthy of being contemplated and collected – the artist’s world goes on developing in a tense stillness.


Visit Andreu Maimó’s exhibition at Torre de Canyamel all summer!